The Bachelor in

  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Banking and Finance

The Bachelor in Business Administration program of Lincoln University College, Malaysia is designed to help the students to acquire academic and technical skills, so that they are able to take up managerial roles in the future. LUC strives to provide the graduate students with adequate knowledge of business and in-depth knowledge of their subject areas. This learning will help the students to achieve success in the professional field.

First Year
  • A/L or Equal Qualification
Second Year
  • Level 4 or A/L with 3 Years working experience
Final Year
  • Level 5 Diploma
  • Level 5 (ATHE/OTHM/ABE)
  • HND
  • Diploma in NIBM/NSBM
  • BBA (General Degree): Minimum duration : 36 Months.
  • BBA (Hons) Degree: Minimum duration : 42 Months.
  • Opportunity to study locally and obtain a globally recognized BBA Degree.
  • Lectures are conducted by a well-qualified, experienced foreign and local lecturer panel.
  • Scholarship opportunities for students excel in their studies
  • Excellent and comfortable study facilities
  • Opportunity to follow part-time not to interfere with current job.
  • Loan facilities up to 80% from the course fee from a leading commercial bank
  • E-learning platform candidates who cannot participate class room lectures
  • Immediate progression to MBA
  • develop the skills and abilities required to exhibit strong leadership qualities and management abilities in a complex global and changing business environment by providing students with an understanding of the management disciplines of accounting & finance, marketing and managing people. Elective subjects can further extend this knowledge base to accommodate student interest and vocational needs.
  • Offer opportunities to explore modern aspects of Business Administration not previously considered and to broaden aspects that were covered in previous studies.
  • develop a keen appreciation of some key theoretical concepts, major economic themes and significant current issues related to Business Administration.
  • provide opportunities for practical appreciation and application of the Business Administration perspective for businesses in the Asian region.
  • develop an awareness of the professional context as it will enable the graduates with Business Administration credentials to acquire information regarding the areas of employment.
  • acquire knowledge in business and economics that will help the graduates to compete at the global level as managers and executives.
  • produce proactive graduates, who are knowledgeable as well as aware about the current issues of business and economics.
  • produce graduates with the capability to integrate and apply the latest technology in organizational management.
  • contribute to the country's development by producing graduates that fulfills the requirement of both private and public sectors.
  • allow the students to share their knowledge of business and economics with students of other schools in this university college, to produce well-prepared graduates.
  • develop physical fitness , so that the students emerge as disciplined individuals.
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Investment Bankers
  • Business advisors
  • Management consultants
  • Commodity traders
  • Middle and senior managers
  • Training managers
  • Small business operators

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